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Socientize in the Scicom of Porto

Our team mate Antonio Monteiro represented Socientize in the II Congresso Nacional de Comunicaçao de Ciencia, held in Porto (Portugal) first week of june. Inside the section Projetos internacionais de larga escala em Ciencia e Sociedade, Antonio had a speech about Socientize Project.

The communication was called "SOCIENTIZE- Promoting Citizen Science in Portugal" and the main goal was to tell people what kind of activities we developed to the different target groups so we could engage them to citizen science.

It was very well received by the public. The reason is because citizen science is such a new concept that people talk about CS activities without knowing exactly what is being considered as CS and why it should be. One thing I understood. This congress was about taking science to Society. And people went there to show what they have done on the field with schools, museums, science centers etc.